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HAL 9000

Favorite First-Watches and Discoveries of 2022

Written by Christopher Beaubien • September 04, 2022 • Start the Discussion!


Here are my Favorite Pre-2020 First-Watches and Discoveries of 2022:

“Prince of the City”
“The Last Family” (2016)
“Harvey” (1950)
“White of the Eye”
“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”
“The Hidden Fortress”
“Hollow Man”
“Mommie Dearest”
“Adoration” (2019)
“Landscape Suicide”
“One Deadly Summer”
“Vampire’s Kiss”
“Angel Face” (1953)
“Frenzy” (1972)
“Charley Varrick”
“Wild River”
“The Last Waltz”
“Bluebeard” (1963)
“Turkey Shoot” (1982)
“The Colour of Lies”
“The Keep”
“Série Noire” (1979)
“La Bouche de Jean-Pierre”
“Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl”
“Rendez-Vous in Paris”
“L’Amour Braque”

SOCKET (2016) – The Newly Restored Version

Written by Christopher Beaubien • June 04, 2022 • Start the Discussion!

During the pandemic one of my side projects was to produce a new restoration of “Socket.” The movie now includes a more detailed and refined color correction, new visual and sound effects as well as a few more subtle improvements to the edit. The picture has also been reformatted into a 1.66:1 aspect ratio, otherwise known as the European widescreen standard.

I hope you enjoy it.

New SIREN (2019) Trailer

Written by Christopher Beaubien • July 27, 2019 • Start the Discussion!

After three years in the making, my new short horror movie Siren (2019) is now complete.

How would I describe this mind-melting descent into psychosexual terror?

Two policewomen pull over two women.

Siren is about to begin its film festival run. The world premiere will take place at the Sick ‘n’ Wrong Film Festival on August 11th.

Over at Screen Fervor, film reviewer and independent filmmaker Jeremy Herbert gave considerable thought to his take on my movie.

Here is the first of four movie posters each featuring a prominent character. They are designed by yours truly.


SOCKET (2016): A Sick and Twisted Horror Short

Written by Christopher Beaubien • December 22, 2018 • Start the Discussion!

A doctor punishes a photographer for ridiculing her amateurish attempts at his profession.

You can read more about SOCKET HERE.

Download the SOCKET Press Kit



Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) 2018 Capsule Reviews

Written by Christopher Beaubien • October 15, 2018 • Start the Discussion!



Zhangke Jia’s Ash is Purest White bares witness as a young couple’s commitment to a criminal code and each other is thoroughly tested by the passage of time. The finest moments are when Tao Zhao’s character improvises her inspired grifts. The latest by Zhangke Jia doesn’t rise to the sublime and astonishing developments of his previous masterwork Mountains May Depart (2015), which will blow your mind by taking its premise farther than most filmmakers dare. The proverbial volcano in ASH trembles, but doesn’t erupt. In a riveting fight sequence, you will also see how motorcycle helmets can be put to brutal use.


Stéphane Brizé’s Measure of a Man (2014) stars Vincent Lindon as an unemployed family man enduring many indignities in a jobless market. The latest At War is a thematic continuation where Lindon leads a workers’ strike against capitalist exploits and gaslighting. Like a fly-on-the-wall Frederick Wiseman doc, At War is full of long-held meetings that gradually deepen with ideological conflict, obstruction and clarity. It is a slow burn where tempers, betrayals and resolve rise to a boil. A demanding and enraging experience.