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Michael Moore’s SLACKER UPRISING Is Free!

Written by Christopher Beaubien • September 05, 2008 • 2 Comments


Bias Alert: This news comes just I have recently finished Michael Moore’s Election Guide 2008, thus having read every published word he has ever written including those from the obscure Adventures in a TV Nation.

That waskly old Liberal Michael Moore is rocking the vote (and the boat) with his new film Slackers Uprising. Much like in The Big One (1997) which chronicled Moore’s book tour for Downsize This!, this documentary follows Moore across the country’s universities and colleges. With young adults in attendance months before the Presidential Election of 2004, Moore beseeched the Slackers of America to find their shorts, scarf down their Fruit Loops sans milk and VOTE! The race was between Bush and Kerry and arguably over half the country felt the stakes were near-apocalyptic over four more years of the Sitting Duck in Office.

This caused some ridiculous controversy by the right-wing pundits who spoke out against Moore’s tactic. Now Moore didn’t outright demand to the twenty-somethings which candidate’s name they had to puncture in the ballot. What did Bill O’ “DO IT LIVE!” Reilly and the gang have to fear of young voters participating in their right to democracy. They could very well have stuck it to old man Kerry and gone back to suckling the warm, freedom-flavored teat of Dubya.

Starting September 23rd, Michael Moore is generously releasing his new film Slackers Uprising as a free download for three weeks in North America. As a Canadian, this cheers me greatly. Usually downloadable media from the US is unavailable to your Neighbor of the North – I’m looking at you NBC (30 ROCK), CBS (Swing Town) and Comedy Central (The Daily Show + Colbert Report)! Being the first mainstream film to reach personal computer screens for the admission of bupkis, Michael Moore is not only a pioneer but truly appreciates his fortune in turn by his audience: “This is being done entirely as a gift to my fans. The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters ever at the polls in November.”

This may very well tip a close presidential race away from the Republican Party’s John ‘Hot Head’ McCain and that media-trashing, earmark-embracing hockey mom Sarah Palin.

A DVD of the said film will also be released. It’s Special Features include:

  • Special Guest Joan Baez — America the Beautiful
  • Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change
  • Why People Like George Bush?
  • My Pet Goat
  • The O’Reilly Factor for Kids
  • Oh, Canada (Oh, My!)
  • Just Add Water and Heat – More Ramen and Clean Underwear
  • A Letter from a Soldier in Iraq
  • MM Dance Machine

Last week, Michael Moore guest starred on the web-based show “Meet the Bloggers”.

“Meet the Bloggers” with Michael Moore

Go Obama/Biden 08′

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  • Vadim

    Unfortunately I’ve heard this is one of Moore’s weakest films (and this is coming from a huge Roger and Me fan). It’s narcissistic and doesn’t address one of the biggest reasons Americans can’t make it out to the polls: work obligations.

    With all the talk about voter apathy I think we forget that millions of Americans can’t vote because they work one or two jobs that give them no time on Tuesdays. If we really want better voter turnout we need to make Election Day a national holiday:

  • Christopher Beaubien

    I can’t pass judgment on Moore’s film yet because I haven’t seen it. However, I’m a little apprehensive about it too. “Slacker Uprising” reminds me more of Moore’s “The Big One” (1997), the weakest of the bunch, albeit being entertaining. I’m more appreciative when Moore peels back the curtain to reveal tragedy in everyday life due to a corrupt bureaucracy. It’s funny that after twenty years, “Roger and Me” is arguably Moore’s most purest film.

    In Moore’s new book “Michael Moore’s Election Guide 2008?, he writes at length about having Election Day over the weekend. Though the hard reality is most Americans who struggle to make ends meet work seven days a week. Turning Election Day into a national holiday should have been done decades ago.

    On Larry King, Bill Maher made a case that if voting was mandatory and came to every single American at home, then there would be a landslide victory for Obama. I’d just as soon believe that most Americans are liberal despite the media being hijacked by the right. If there really was a liberal media, the Bush administration wouldn’t have gotten away with its crimes so easily.