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SIREN (2020) Film Festival Run

by Christopher Beaubien • October 02, 2022 • Start the Discussion!


“SIREN” Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

My latest short movie SIREN (2020) is having a successful film festival run this year.

It has been featured in 81 film festivals around the world and garnered 16 award wins and 24 nominations:


PEEPHOLE filmfest
Winner for Best Horror Short Film

Vancouver Independent Film Festival
Winner for Best Thriller Short Award for the Spring 2022

Snow Leopard International Film Festival
Winner for Best Horror Short Award
Nominated for Best Color Editing and Best Sound Design

The South African Independent Film Festival
Winner for the Best Experimental Film

The Strange Days Horror Fest
Winner for Best International Short Film Award for September 2023

The Rio Grind Film Festival
Winner for Best Cinematography

Montreal Requiem Fear Fest
Winner for Best Actress (Dalit Holzman)
Nominated for Best Canadian Short Film

HORROR-RAMA 2022 International Short Film Festival
Winner for Best Actress – Scream Queen (Erin Morgan)


OLDBOY (2003) Introduction at the Vancity Theatre

by Christopher Beaubien • September 27, 2022 • Start the Discussion!


On the evening of September 17th, I volunteered to introduce the Vancity Theatre’s screening of Park Chan-wook’s cult classic “Oldboy” (2003). This is what I had to say about it.

Good evening. My name is Christopher Beaubien and I am honoured to be here.

Very soon your heart will be pounding in your chest. Your stomach will sink into its knees. And we’ll all be grinning ear-to-ear watching “Oldboy” in all of its 4K glory.

How many of you are seeing this movie for the first time?

Back in 2005, a horror movie buff loaned me a VHS copy of “Basket Case” and then he challenged me to show him a really scary movie. I hate to disappoint and I knew just the movie to show him. Once I had the movie set up to show my new friend as well as 30 other people (Don’t ask), he asked me — he was so excited:

“Chris, is this movie really scary?”

I assured him it was.

Then the air turned to chill and his face betrayed apprehension.

He asked me again, “Chris, is this movie really scary?”

I told him it was.


Favorite First-Watches and Discoveries of 2022

by Christopher Beaubien • September 04, 2022 • Start the Discussion!


Here are my Favorite Pre-2020 First-Watches and Discoveries of 2022:

“Prince of the City”
“The Last Family” (2016)
“Harvey” (1950)
“White of the Eye”
“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”
“The Hidden Fortress”
“Hollow Man”
“Mommie Dearest”
“Adoration” (2019)
“Landscape Suicide”
“One Deadly Summer”
“Vampire’s Kiss”
“Angel Face” (1953)
“Frenzy” (1972)
“Charley Varrick”
“Wild River”
“The Last Waltz”
“Bluebeard” (1963)
“Turkey Shoot” (1982)
“The Colour of Lies”
“The Keep”
“Série Noire” (1979)
“La Bouche de Jean-Pierre”
“Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl”
“Rendez-Vous in Paris”
“L’Amour Braque”

SOCKET (2016) – The Newly Restored Version

by Christopher Beaubien • June 04, 2022 • Start the Discussion!

During the pandemic one of my side projects was to produce a new restoration of “Socket.” The movie now includes a more detailed and refined color correction, new visual and sound effects as well as a few more subtle improvements to the edit. The picture has also been reformatted into a 1.66:1 aspect ratio, otherwise known as the European widescreen standard.

I hope you enjoy it.