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SIREN (2020) – The Award-Winning Horror Film Now Available For Streaming

by Christopher Beaubien • October 28, 2023 • Start the Discussion!

“SIREN” Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Award-Winning Horror/Thriller Film (16 Minutes)

Driving on a highway late at night, distracted driver April (Dalit Holzman) and her combative lover Brooke (Erin Morgan) are pulled over for speeding by two sinister police officers (Eryka Alanna and Madison Isolina). During a strange and increasingly frightening interrogation, the two women find themselves under the power of a supernatural force that changes everything they ever knew about themselves… and each other.

Favorite First-Watches and Discoveries of 2023

by Christopher Beaubien • October 04, 2023 • Start the Discussion!


Here are my Favorite Pre-2022 First-Watches and Discoveries of 2023:

“Humoresque” (1946)
“Max and the Junkmen”
“Le Trou” (“The Hole”)
“Streets of Fire” (1984)
“Le Corbeau” (“The Raven”)
”The Man from Laramie”
“An Impossible Love”
“Women in Love” (1969)
“Splendor in the Grass” (1961)
“Bruno Reidal, Confessions of a Murderer”
“A Girl Missing”
“Black Sunday” (1977)
“Lover Come Back” (1961)
“César and Rosalie”
“Twentieth Century”
“Bad News Bears” (1976)
“Elizabeth Harvest”
“Serenity” (2019)
“Pastorale 1943”
“Executive Decision” (1973)